Oqular Clip


The idea was born in Stockholm, Sweden, known for minimalistic design and functionality. Adam, a British dad of two moved to Stockholm with his family and met Fernando, a local Stockholmer.

We both shared a passion for sleek, functional everyday design that stands out. After years of discussing different products and brands, we decided to begin the journey of entrepreneurship by making something unique, cool and functional, that people can use daily and help improve their lives. 

And so Oqular Clip was born. A product created through friendship. A product made with the customer in mind, no matter who you are, where you come from, what age, gender or race. Oqular Clip is for you.

Until now glasses and sunglasses cases have been too big and too bulky to take with you anywhere. A slim stylish clip that protects your glasses from getting scratched. A glasses case that has been redesigned for the modern-day person, that's what all of you lovely eye-wearing people deserve.

Oqular Clip is perfect for every occasion, travelling lightly, camping, gifting, going to the gym. The new glasses and sunglasses protection is designed to protect your lenses from getting scratched while you live your busy life. Oqular Clip rethinks what glasses and sunglasses cases should be. Why have we put up with the same glasses case design for the past hundred years? It was time for them to be redesigned.

A sleek eye-catching design, Oqular Clip rethinks how eyewear protection should be. Designed for the modern-day person, small enough for any pocket, stylish enough for any brand. Protect your eyewear no matter where you put them. Attach to your keys or clip to your bag. Oqular Clip comes in six super sexy colours: black, green, grey, blue, pink, and beige.

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