By Nocs Design

The Monolith development began in December 2020 with a study on the possibilities to fusion an interior piece with a speaker.

The misson - timeless design and able to deliver the Nocs sound on point.

End result? A world-class experience that would perform in all settings, unleashing the Nocs Studio sound in one unit or many synched together.

The Monolith is made in Sweden, and the final assembly takes place at the Nocs Lab headquarters in Lund, Sweden. Limited runs ensure meticulous production and a flawless design each and every time.

Raw wood is the epitome of high-quality design. With a unique grain and texture on each piece, every speakers is as unique as its listener.

Monolith speakers begin their journeys as local birch plywood, sourced from various local suppliers to optimize the look and feel.

The plywood is CNC’ed to the right geometry, and the surface is then treated with oil and wax. Finally, the blackened plywood offers a deep, matte black finish, infusing a subtle touch of personality to set your piece apart.

Although the final look is rustic and unassuming, the process is anything but. The end result? Raw expression fused with the best in modern sound technology. Meet precision at its finest.

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