Light-cyle Morph


$ 849.00 



The Dyson Lightcycle Morph™ LED light transforms and intelligently adjusts throughout the day – to suit the way you live, work, study and relax. The Dyson Lifecycle Morph™provides 4 different lighting functions: • An indirect light: The intelligent optical head smoothly rotates 360° to bounce light off walls, floors and ceilings. • A task light: Focused, powerful light for work, hobbies, make-up application and intricate tasks. Engineered to help reduce eye strain and improve visual performance. • A feature light: Creates dramatic effects, highlighting art, colours and decorative features. 3-Point Revolve motion enables precise positioning. • An ambient light: The stem lights up to create a comforting, orange glow. For evening relaxation with reduced blue light. Using Dyson’s unique Daylight Tracking algorithm and 3 warm, 3 cool LEDs, the Dyson Lightcycle Morph™ continually adjusts its colour temperature and brightness in relation to local daylight, providing the right light for the time of day depending on the user’s location. Available as a desk lamp or a floor light.