Woodio Elevates The Bathroom With A Material You Didn’t Know Existed

Encountering a truly novel material in today’s saturated market is a rarity, yet Woodio achieves this with an innovative twist. At first glance, it exudes a vintage charm that feels deceptively familiar. However, the real revelation comes upon touch—it’s unexpectedly warm and pleasant. Woodio’s groundbreaking wood composite defies expectations, blending nostalgia with cutting-edge technology to offer a material that is both new and surprisingly comforting.

Woodio, a Finnish design and material tech company, has revolutionized the market with the world’s first 100% waterproof wood composite. This material is not only durable and practical but also a game-changer in reducing carbon footprints. Crafted from wood chips and advanced resins, it replaces traditional ceramics and stone in various applications, from bathroom fixtures to interior surfaces, both in private homes and commercial spaces.

What makes Woodio unique is its eco-friendly production process. Unlike traditional ceramics, Woodio’s method doesn’t require energy-intensive phases or extensive water use, significantly cutting down CO2 emissions. Additionally, the material acts as a carbon sink during its lifecycle. Once it reaches the end of its service life, Woodio products can be returned for crushing and co-processing in cement production or used as combustible energy waste.

The material innovation doesn’t stop at sustainability. Woodio’s composite is impact-resistant, virtually unbreakable in regular use, and features a dirt-repellent coating, making it easy to clean. Its high wood content provides a comforting, warm touch, enhancing the user experience.

Manufactured in Helsinki, Finland, Woodio’s products reflect the best of Nordic design traditions. The company’s range includes washbasins, toilets, bathtubs, wall panels, and solid surface panels, all designed to bring a touch of eco-luxury to any space. Their color palette, inspired by Northern nature, features hand-dyed wood chips, adding a unique aesthetic element to their offerings.

Woodio goes beyond just material innovation; it’s about pushing the boundaries of sustainable design without sacrificing aesthetics. Their products combine renewable solutions with modern design, showing that eco-friendly can also be elegant. Recognized with prestigious awards like the Fennia Prize and the German Design Award, Woodio exemplifies how advanced sustainability practices can be seamlessly integrated into luxurious design.
A rectangular wooden artifact featuring intricate art designs in beige tones. A sleek black-and-white table sits in the center of a modern, minimalist interior design. The rectangular shape of the table adds a sense of structure and balance to the space, while the grey tones create a sophisticated and chic atmosphere. The clean lines and simple color palette make this table a perfect addition to any contemporary home. A stylish grey tableware set sits on a shelf, with a variety of drinkware and serveware pieces. The neutral color scheme adds a touch of elegance to any dining experience. A rectangular grey wall made of wood, showcasing its sturdy and durable material properties. A shimmering gold rectangle sits in the center of the artwork, surrounded by a bold triangle design. The font used is clean and modern, adding a touch of sophistication to the piece. The metallic tones add dimension and texture, making it a striking addition to any room. A colorful rectangle made of liquid art, with a unique font etched into the smooth glass surface. The vibrant colors and fluid lines create a mesmerizing and dynamic image, drawing the viewer in with its artistic and modern appeal. The glass reflects and refracts the light, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall composition. This captivating piece of liquid art is a true masterpiece, blending creativity and precision to create a visually stunning piece. A black rectangular tap attached to a plumbing fixture in a modern bathroom. The sleek design adds a touch of elegance to the space.

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