Sustainable Hand Washing: The Innovative Forgo Solution

Form Us With Love, a design studio based in Stockholm has recently launched Forgo, a sustainable subscription-based personal care brand that aims to reduce waste and environmental impact. Forgo’s first product is a hand wash that comes in a natural powder concentrate, with water being added by the user at home. By removing water from the product, Forgo eliminates the need for excess packaging and significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and storage.

The hand wash powder concentrate is packaged in a sleek, reusable glass bottle with a pump, and refills come in paper envelopes shipped directly to the consumer’s door in sets of three. The packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard, making it fully recyclable.

Forgo’s goal is to be a sustainable subscription-based brand for all daily personal care needs, focusing on reducing waste and environmental impact. By using only the necessary amount of ingredients and packaging, Forgo aims to create a more sustainable future for personal care products.

The concept behind Forgo is simple yet powerful. By removing water from personal care products, the brand can reduce waste and resources used in production and transportation. The natural powder concentrate also ensures that only the necessary amount of product is used, preventing overuse and waste.

Overall, Forgo is a brand that is committed to sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment. With a focus on reducing waste and using only necessary ingredients and packaging, Forgo is leading the way in the personal care industry towards a more sustainable future.

A rectangle of fluid with a gas inside of it. The fluid is viscous and liquid.
A person is holding a hand up to a stream of liquid coming from a faucet, using their fingers to direct the flow.
A plastic bottle containing a liquid solution.

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