Subtle & Elegant Hardware Design by BRANDT Collective and Norm Architects

The Repetitions Exhibition at 3daysofdesign brought together the creative forces of BRANDT Collective and Norm Architects to unveil three distinctive hardware collections. These collections are characterized by timeless materials and appealing textures, serving as functional decor that integrates architectural and natural elements.

The intricate craftsmanship of BRANDT Collective aligns seamlessly with the minimalist ethos of Norm Architects, striking a balance between raw and polished aesthetics. This partnership highlights their mutual dedication to subtle elegance and lasting quality, offering a novel approach to hardware design.

BRANDT Collective, celebrated for its precise and quality-driven space transformations, fuses product development with the art of interior design. Their range, which includes hardware, home fragrances, lighting, and furniture, is designed to create serene and inviting environments. Each piece embodies a mix of Scandinavian style and global appeal, with an emphasis on natural materials, textures, and colors.

Under the guidance of founder Julie Brandt, the studio produces custom interiors that reflect the essence of their owners. Their designs are inspired by various influences and time periods, ensuring that each item is not just practical but also emotionally engaging. BRANDT Collective’s comprehensive design philosophy results in cohesive and elegant collections that enhance everyday experiences.

Norm Architects, sharing a similar outlook, bring to this collaboration a focus on the tactile and emotional aspects of their designs. Their work underscores the effect of our surroundings on our feelings and actions, turning routine interactions into significant experiences.

BRANDT Collective and Norm Architects have together developed collections that are both timeless and contemporary, merging traditional and modern styles. Their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtful design ensures each piece is enduring, providing both beauty and functionality to any space.

A beautiful wooden serveware set on a table, complete with elegant dishware and cutlery. The natural wood tones add warmth and charm to the dining experience. The table is set with a variety of tableware, including plates, bowls, and glasses, all arranged in a stylish and inviting manner. The cutlery, with its sleek design and polished finish, adds a touch of sophistication to the scene. This table setting is perfect for a cozy dinner party or a special occasion, exuding a rustic yet refined vibe. A golden rectangle made of polished wood with intricate art carved into it. The art features a bold font and intricate designs, creating a stunning and luxurious piece. A rectangular wooden bumper in various shades of grey, providing a sleek and modern touch to any space. The wood grain adds texture and depth, while the tints and shades create a subtle contrast. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your home decor. This abstract art piece features a circular shape filled with various tints and shades of beige. The wood texture can be seen in the background, adding a natural element to the composition. The overall effect is calming and earthy. A rectangular piece of wood with intricate art carved into its surface sits on top of a beautiful wood flooring. A cylindrical object can be seen in the background, adding dimension to the overall composition.

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