PR LINK Redefining High-Fidelity Sound With a Compact Design

The PR LINK is a marvel of essential compact design with a retro vibe that perfectly fits the timeless aesthetic of solid and time-resistant sound equipment. La Boite concept has once again pushed the boundaries of high-fidelity acoustics with the PR LINK, an evolution of their award-winning PR/01. This sleek, compact speaker is not just a piece of tech; it’s a masterpiece that blends minimalist design with cutting-edge audio technology.

At the heart of the PR LINK is La Boite concept‘s patented Active Pressure Reflex® (APR®) technology, which delivers deep bass and unparalleled sound quality in a compact form. This innovative system, combined with a new AB-D amplifier developed by Micromega®, ensures crisp highs and rich lows, offering a superior audio experience.

The PR LINK is packed with versatile technology to suit various audio needs. It features Bluetooth 5.1 for high-fidelity wireless streaming, an ARC-HDMI input for seamless TV integration, and a built-in Escape module for multi-room audio via AirPlay 2® and Chromecast®. Additionally, it includes RCA and optical inputs for connecting CD players or preamplified vinyl records. The speaker’s Active Pressure Reflex® technology, paired with the innovative AB-D amplifier, ensures unparalleled sound quality across all audio sources.

Aesthetically, the PR LINK is a stunner. Crafted from solid walnut, aluminium, and bakelite, its design is both elegant and durable. The intuitive controls and a magnetic cover that conceals cables emphasize its user-friendly nature. Plus, an optional stand elevates the speaker for optimal sound projection.

Founded in 2008, La Boite Concept merges decades of Hi-Fi expertise with modern technology. The company is led by Timothée Cagniard, who continues the legacy started by his grandmother, Marie Cagniard Yeramian, with the creation of SIARE® loudspeakers in 1938. This pioneering spirit is ingrained in La Boite concept’s DNA, driving their commitment to innovation and quality.

La Boite concept’s in-house R&D lab, CC LAB, is a testament to their dedication to advancing audio technology. The lab has developed several patented technologies, such as Wide Sound® and Active Pressure Reflex®, which are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality in compact designs.

The company prides itself on combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. Their products, assembled in workshops across the Basque Country and Landes, feature high-quality materials like solid walnut and aluminum, reflecting their commitment to durability and elegance.

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