PLUSMINUS by Vibia: A Flexible and Innovative Light Rail System for Versatile Compositions

Lighting design company Vibia has unveiled its latest innovation in the form of the PLUSMINUS light rail system. Designed to be flexible, conductive and versatile, the PLUSMINUS system comprises of a conductive textile belt that supports a range of different luminaries, including spotlights, linear lights, and pendant lights.

The PLUSMINUS system is capable of creating a range of expansive compositions that can be adapted to suit various architectural settings. Whether stretched tightly between walls, floors, or ceilings, or hanging loose and crumpled, the luminaries appear like acrobats in a spatial performance. This versatility makes PLUSMINUS an ideal solution for both private and contract applications.

The smart textile ribbon of PLUSMINUS provides both structure and power to the individual luminaries. This innovative evolution of the light rail allows luminaries of different typologies to be freely placed and replaced upon the belt. This not only enables endless composition possibilities but also makes it easier to switch up the lighting design without the need for any additional installation.

The PLUSMINUS system represents a significant step forward in lighting design. By offering flexibility, convenience, and the ability to adapt to changing needs, this innovative lighting solution is sure to be a hit with architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

A wooden box with audio equipment inside, including a microphone and headphones. On top of the box is a rectangle metal plate with jewellery on it.
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