by Nos

VERLOOP was born after trying to find a solution for the toothbrush disposal epidemic and analyzing the different sustainable options in the market.
The innovation is based on how the bristles are exchanged and disposed.

The head of the toothbrush has a clipping mechanism which lets the user open and close in order to replace new sets of bristles. The body of the toothbrush is made of recycled plastic from disposed toothbrushes and the bristles are made from bamboo. The bristles that are disposed have no plastic, which makes them 100% compostable compared to the disposable heads in the market with plastic components.

Each toothbrush comes with 8 sets of bristles which based on the 3 months lifespan of a a normal toothbrush makes EVERLOOP's lifespan a minimum of 2 years.
The packaging is made out of thermoformed paper pulp 100% compostable.

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