Soft Lounge chair

by Thomas Bentzen

for Takt

Soft Lounge Chair is generous in its character, size and materiality. The soft back and seat curves embodies an honest design language in which all parts are visible and a part of the experience. The result is great comfort and seating ergonomics that support an indulgent moment of repose.
Soft Lounge Chair shows an intelligent application of molded veneer, rendering it like a cloth that surrounds the solid-ash construction. The double curves serve to strengthen the overall construction.
Soft Chair is designed as knock-down principle meaning that the chair is shipped in a flat pack, minimising CO2 emissions. Soft Chair is 100% ecolabelled and produced using wood from sustainable forests and the full supply chain of Soft Chair is certified. This means that the forests are given time to naturally regenerate, local wildlife is sustained and worker salaries are balanced. Soft Chair is made in solid FSC-certified wood to drive sustainable development.

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