by Kikang Kim

Leaving clothes alone before laundry for a long time is not good for your living environments. It results in bad smell and mold which can cause malfunction of the washing machine. It is not good for hygiene due to mites. 'DRAWSHER' is a sanitary washing machine designed based on a dresser. It is a combination of a laundry basket and washing machine to allow maximum use of space.
​We sort laundry before doing laundry into four different kinds such as white, colored, underwear and socks, and towel. However, it is not efficient to sort and to put four different kinds of laundry. 'DRAWSHER' has four drawers at the bottom and you can sort laundry in the drawers separately.
​It is designed based on a dresser and I hope it is considered not just a washing machine, but furniture.

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