Any-Way Table

by Office for Product Design

for Pupupula

Urbanisation, compact living conditions and frequent moving are global trends that necessitate new standards for flexible furniture. Many young families today do not have the luxury of separate rooms for their children or their activities. And even if they do, the living room being the social focal point of the home, often becomes the natural setting for where children end up playing and where their toys accumulate.
This low table with built-in storage is designed to address this issue and accommodate the needs of children and parents alike, as it seamlessly shifts between the roles of a practical play table and an elegant coffee table. Made from moulded plywood, it has a natural linoleum tabletop and a generous felt storage drawer, which can fit everything from LEGO bricks and crayons to remote controls and coffee table books. The table has a superellipse footprint without any sharp edges and some of the subtler details include a slightly raised tabletop perimeter to prevent things from sliding off and a removable semi-rigid drawer which prevents children’s fingers from getting trapped.

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